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Create your droplet

Head over to our Digital Ocean marketplace listing and create your droplet. You are free to create one even at the most basic configuration. No restrictions for you here.

Set up the password

Set up the password for the DB Superuser postgres.

SSH into your instance using the user root and type in the following once you are in:

$ sudo -u postgres psql

This logs you into the psql terminal as the DB Superuser postgres.

psql Screenshot

Set your password with this command:

$ \password

Enter your desired password afterward and re-enter it when prompted. Once done, you can now exit your SSH connection.

Try out your new database

With any SQL client of your choice (Such as DBeaver), connect to your database with the following credentials:

  • Host: insert droplet ip address
  • Port: 5432
  • User: postgres
  • Password: insert your chosen password
  • Database: postgres