Match the filter

Finds all rows whose column satisfies the filter.

  • .filter() expects you to use the raw PostgREST syntax for the filter names and values, so it should only be used as an escape hatch in case other filters don't work.
      .filter('arraycol','cs','{"a","b"}') // Use Postgres array {} and 'cs' for contains.
      .filter('rangecol','cs','(1,2]') // Use Postgres range syntax for range column.
      .filter('id','in','(6,7)')  // Use Postgres list () and 'in' for in_ filter.
      .filter('id','cs','{${mylist.join(',')}}')  // You can insert a Dart array list.

final data = await supabase
  .select('name, country_id')
  .filter('name', 'in', '("Paris","Tokyo")');