Don't match the filter

Finds all rows which doesn't satisfy the filter.

  • .not() expects you to use the raw PostgREST syntax for the filter names and values.

    2.not('arraycol','cs','{"a","b"}') // Use Postgres array {} for array column and 'cs' for contains.
    3.not('rangecol','cs','(1,2]') // Use Postgres range syntax for range column.
    4.not('id','in','(6,7)')  // Use Postgres list () and 'in' instead of `inFilter`.
    5.not('id','in','(${mylist.join(',')})')  // You can insert a Dart list array.

final data = await supabase
  .select('name, country_id')
  .not('name', 'eq', 'Paris');