Javascript Reference v2.0

Start auto-refresh session (non-browser)

Starts an auto-refresh process in the background. The session is checked every few seconds. Close to the time of expiration a process is started to refresh the session. If refreshing fails it will be retried for as long as necessary.

  • Only useful in non-browser environments such as React Native or Electron.
  • The Supabase Auth library automatically starts and stops proactively refreshing the session when a tab is focused or not.
  • On non-browser platforms, such as mobile or desktop apps built with web technologies, the library is not able to effectively determine whether the application is focused or not.
  • To give this hint to the application, you should be calling this method when the app is in focus and calling supabase.auth.stopAutoRefresh() when it's out of focus.

import { AppState } from 'react-native'

// make sure you register this only once!
AppState.addEventListener('change', (state) => {
  if (state === 'active') {
  } else {