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Tribe Health Solutions


Tribe Health provide application development frameworks, apps, and services that allow an individual to take full ownership and control of their own medical data as part of a decentralized ecosystem of virtual providers. We help our customers build ecosystems around their patient data using the Tribe Health data management platform.


Our services are based on our common application platform, which allows us and our corporate customers to build secure healthcare solutions that preserve the privacy and sovereignty of medical data for individual patients.

Supporting Disruptive Healthcare Startups

Our platform allows healthcare startups to build applications quickly without worrying about infrastructure and scalability. Startups simply define the schemas for the data they wish to manage, the rules for ownership and sharing, and the workflows associated with the data being managed.  The metadata definitions can then be shared with other instances of our platform if configured to do so, which allows for startups to advertise their services via API’s generated from the metadata definitions and rules.

Application Development

For startups and corporate customers that need help developing their applications on the Tribe Health platform, we will help them build their solutions and integrations.  Our platform provides the framework supporting the following type of applications and technologies:

  • Telemedicine, including WebRTC-based media services supporting secure video communications
  • Content management
  • AI-driven chatbot framework for building chat-based onboarding and support
  • Media and asset management that provides encryption support for video, audio, and document files backed by IPFS
  • Data synchronization services
  • Machine learning (e.g., natural language processing, recommendation engines, and classification engines that are engineered to preserve privacy and run on the edge)

Hosting and Infrastructure

For many of our healthcare startups, running and maintaining a complex web of decentralized microservices may be outside the skill set of the company.  In those cases, we will host and maintain instances of our platform and their applications reselling services as a Google Cloud Platform partner and Microsoft Azure partner. In this way, we assure HIPAA compliance, security, and application performance on their behalf, allowing our customers to focus on the services they provide to end users while we manage the rest.

How we use Supabase

Supabase plays a huge role in our suite of tools that compose our platform.  Supabase allows us to build metadata-based applications and services with little or no code, allowing our customers to iterate quickly in the building of disruptive applications without sacrificing speed, performance, and scalability.  The key features of Supabase that are critical to us are the following:

  • Support for GraphQL and REST built-in
  • Realtime support
  • Row Level Security to protect data
  • JWT support
  • Self-hosting

When combined with other tools in our platform like Budibase (for building portals), Ory Kratos and Hydra (identity management), Temporal (workflow) and Flutter (for building cross-platform applications sharing a single code base), we provide the ultimate open source-based application framework suite with our own security management layer that ensures data safety and integrity.  We are active contributors to all of these open-source projects.

We make use of the entire spectrum of Supabase functionality, and we have several customers using Supabase in production.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

Our ideal projects come from startups and corporate customers that wish to build healthcare applications that allow patients to collaborate with an ecosystem of providers using their medical data.  This includes telemedicine, mental health wellness, and collaborative applications (e.g., social caregiving, peer support, medical data vaults, etc.).

Existing Customers Using Supabase

The following customers of Tribe Health actively use Supabase in production or have products being built on the platform: