General information regarding your server instance

Service Versions

Information on your provisioned instance

Infrastructure Activity

Activity statistics related to your server instance


Max CPU usage of your server

Max CPU utilization per day

Your compute instance has 2 CPU cores.


Memory usage of your server.

You might observe elevated memory usage, even with little to no load. Besides Postgres, a wide range of services is running under the hood resulting in an elevated base memory usage.

Max Memory utilization per day

Your compute instance has 1 GB of memory.

As your project is running on the smallest compute instance, it is not unusual for your project to have a base memory usage of ~50%.

Disk IO Bandwidth

The disk performance of your workload is determined by the Disk IO bandwidth.

Smaller compute instances (below 4XL) can burst up to their largest throughput and IOPS for 30 minutes in a day. Beyond that, the performance reverts to the baseline. Your disk IO budget gets replenished throughout the day.

Disk IO Bandwidth

Your current compute can burst up to 2,085 Mbps for 30 minutes a day and reverts to the baseline performance of 87 Mbps.


Current compute instance

Maximum IO Bandwidth (burst limit)

2,085 Mbps

Baseline IO Bandwidth

87 Mbps

Daily burst time limit

30 mins

Disk IO consumed per day