In addition to the reports and charts built in to the Supabase dashboard, each project hosted on the Supabase platform comes with a Prometheus-compatible metrics endpoint, which can be used to gather insight into the health and status of your project.

You can use this endpoint to ingest data into your own monitoring and alerting infrastructure, as long as it is capable of scraping Prometheus-compatible endpoints, in order to set up custom rules beyond those supported by the Supabase dashboard.

Accessing the metrics endpoint

Your project's metrics endpoint is accessible at https://<project-ref> Access to the endpoint is secured via HTTP Basic Auth; the username is service_role, while the password is the service role JWT available through the Supabase dashboard.

> curl https://<project-ref> --user 'service_role:<service-role-jwt>'

Additionally, we maintain a guide on quickly setting up a scraping agent to work with Grafana Cloud.