Where do I find support?

Choose the support channel relevant for your situation here: supabase.com/support

How much does it cost?

Self-hosting Supabase is free. If you wish to use our cloud-platform, we provide simple, predictable pricing.

How do I host Supabase?

You can use the docker compose script here, and find detailed instructions here.

Supabase is an amalgamation of open source tools. Some of these tools are made by Supabase (like our Realtime Server), some we support directly (like PostgREST), and some are third-party tools (like KonSupabase is an amalgamation open sourceg).

All of the tools we use in Supabase are MIT, Apache 2.0, or PostgreSQL licensed. This is one of the requirements to be considered for the Supabase stack.

How can you be a Firebase alternative if you're built with a relational database?

We started Supabase because we love the functionality of Firebase, but we personally experienced the scaling issues that many others experienced. We chose Postgres because it's well-trusted, with phenomenal scalability.

Our goal is to make Postgres as easy to use as Firebase, so that you no longer have to choose between usability and scalability. We're sure that once you start using Postgres, you'll love it more than any other database.

Do you support [some other database]?

We only support PostgreSQL. It's unlikely we'll ever move away from Postgres; however, you can vote on a new database if you want us to start development.

Do you have a library for [some other language]?

We officially support JavaScript and Flutter.

You can find community-supported libraries in our GitHub Community, and you can also help us to identify the most popular languages by voting for a new client library.