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Start building for free, collaborate with a team, then scale to millions of users.


Perfect for passion projects & simple websites.


/ month / org

Limit of 2 free organizations

Get started with:

  • Unlimited API requests
  • Social OAuth providers
  • Up to 500MB database space
  • Up to 1GB file storage
  • Up to 5GB bandwidth
  • Up to 50MB file uploads
  • Up to 50,000 monthly active users
  • Up to 500K Edge Function invocations
  • Up to 200 concurrent Realtime connections
  • Up to 2 million Realtime messages
  • 1-day log retention
  • Community support

Free projects are paused after 1 week of inactivity.

Most Popular


For production applications with the option to scale.



/ month / org

Usage-based plan

Everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • No project pausing
  • Daily backups stored for 7 days
  • 8GB database space included
  • 100GB file storage included
  • 250GB bandwidth included
  • 5GB file uploads included
  • 100,000 monthly active users included
  • 2M Edge Function invocations included
  • 500 concurrent Realtime connections included
  • 5 million Realtime messages included
  • 7-day log retention
  • Email support

Your cost control settings determine if you allow over-usage.



Collaborate with different permissions and access patterns.



/ month / org

Usage-based plan

Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • Additional Organization member roles
  • Daily backups stored for 14 days
  • Standardised Security Questionnaire
  • SOC2
  • HIPAA available as paid add-on
  • SSO for Supabase Dashboard
  • Priority email support & SLAs
  • 28-day log retention

Additional fees apply for usage beyond included usage.


For large-scale applications managing serious workloads.

Contact us

  • Designated Support manager & SLAs
  • On-premise support
  • 24×7×365 premium enterprise support
  • Custom Security Questionnaires
  • Private Slack channel

Easily customizable add-ons

Level up your Supabase experience with add-ons.

Starts from $5

ComputeOptimized Compute

Increase the capability of your database only for what you need.


Flat fee $10

ComputeCustom Domain

Use your own domain for your Supabase project to present a more polished product to your users.

Starts from $100

ComputePoint in Time Recovery

Roll back to any specific point in time and ensure that data is not lost.

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Available for Pro plan

Cost control with spend caps

The Pro plan has a usage quota included and a spend cap turned on by default. If you need to go beyond the inclusive limits, simply switch off your spend cap to pay for additional usage and scale seamlessly. Note that your projects will run into restrictions if you have the spend cap enabled and exhaust your quota.

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Start with a hobby project, collaborate with a team, and scale to millions of users.




Perfect for hobby projects and experiments

Get started

Dedicated Postgres Database

Included in free

Unlimited API requests

Included in free

Database size

500 MB included

Automatic backups

Not included in free

Point in time recovery

Not included in free


After 1 inactive week


5GB included

Total Users



50,000 included

Social OAuth providers

Included in free

Custom SMTP server

Included in free

Remove Supabase branding from emails

Not included in free

Audit trails

1 hour

Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0)

Not included in free

Advanced security features

Not included in free


1 GB included

Custom access controls

Included in free

Max file upload size


Image Transformations

Not included in free

Bring your own storage provider

Not included in free

Postgres Changes

Included in free

Concurrent Peak Connections

200 included

Messages Per Month

2 Million included

Max Message Size

250 KB
Edge Functions


500K/month included

Script size

2 MB

Number of functions

10 included

Team members


Access controls

Coming soon

Audit trails

Not included in free
Platform Security and Compliance

On Premises / BYO cloud

Not included in free

Log retention (API & Database)

1 day

Log drain

Not included in free

Metrics endpoint

Not included in free


Not included in free


Not included in free


Not included in free

99.9% SLA

Not included in free

Access Roles

Owner, Developer

Vanity URLs

Not included in free

Custom Domains

Not included in free

Bring your own cloud deployment options

Not included in free

Community support

Included in free

Email support

Not included in free

Email support SLA

Not included in free

Designated support

Not included in free

On Boarding Support

Not included in free

Designated customer success engineer

Not included in free

Security Questionnaire Help

Not included in free

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