Log Drains

Log drains will send all logs of the Supabase stack to one or more desired destinations. It is only available for customers on Team and Enterprise Plans.

The following table lists the supported destinations and the required setup configuration:

DestinationTransport MethodConfiguration
Generic WebhookHTTPURL
HTTP Version
DatadogHTTPAPI Key
Elastic - FilebeatHTTPURL
Username and Password

Destinations And Behavior

HTTP requests will be batched with a max of 250 items with at most 1 second intervals. Gzip compression will also be used if the 3rd party provider supports it.

Generic Webhook

Logs will be sent as a JSON payload. Both HTTP1 and HTTP2 are supported. A preset configuration of Headers can be supplied for all requests.

Note that requests will be unsigned.

:::note Unsigned webhook requests are temporary and all requests will be signed in the near future. :::


Logs sent to Datadog will have the name of the log source set on the service field of the event.

The payload message will be a stringified JSON of the raw log event, prefixed with the event timestamp.

Elastic - Filebeat

Logs will be sent to Filebeat server. See the Filebeat documentation on how to set up the Filebeat HTTP server.

The Filebeat server only handles HTTP1 requests. Basic Auth can be provided for optional user authentication.