Management API

The Management API allows you to manage your projects programmatically.


The Management API is in beta. It is usable in it's current state, but it's likely that there will be breaking changes.


All API requests require a Supabase Personal token to be included in the Authorization header: Authorization Bearer <supabase_personal_token. To generate or manage your API token, visit your account page. Your API tokens carry the same privileges as your user account, so be sure to keep it secret.

$ curl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer sbp_bdd0••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••4f23"

All API requests must be authenticated and made over HTTPS.

Rate limits#

The API is currently subject to our fair-use policy. In the future, are likely to introduce rate limits. All resources created via the API are subject to the pricing detailed on our Pricing pages.