HTTP Status Codes

The Supabase platform offers several HTTP APIs for each project. These APIs can use the status codes to indicate the state of the project, and the request being processed. The status codes returned for requests can be access via the logs explorer.

2XX success

2XX status codes indicate that the request was processed successfully.

3XX redirects

3XX status codes indicate that the client must initiate another course of action to have the request processed successfully. The most popular usage of 3XX codes is to redirect the client to a different location.

4XX client errors

4XX status codes indicate an issue on the client's end with the request being made. These could include missing or invalid auth information, a malformed request, making too many requests in too short a time period ("rate limiting"), or a network issue on the client's end.

5XX server or project errors

5XX status codes indicate that the project was unable to process the request successfully, but not because of an issue with the client's request.

5XX status codes can be the result of the project not having enough compute to process a complex request being made by a client or not being able to keep up with the volume of requests made against the project.

54X project errors

54X status codes are custom codes used by the Supabase platform to indicate the state of the project.

540 project paused

The project the request was being made against has been paused. The project cannot process requests until it is un-paused by the owner.

Free-plan projects may be paused due to inactivity, on request by the owner, or in rare instances, due to abuse.

544 project API gateway timeout

The request is not completed within the configured time limit.

The timeout limit is set to prevent long-running queries which can cause performance issues, increase latency, and potentially even crash the project.