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Supabase Presence stores and synchronize shared state across clients. Presence is very similar to Broadcast, except that the state is “persisted” in the Channel so that new joiners can immediately get the state without waiting for another user to broadcast a message.

The sync event is triggered whenever the shared state changes. The join event is triggered when a new client joins the channel and leave when a client leaves.

Each client can use the track method to store an object in the shared state. Each client can only track one object in the shared state. If track is called again by the same client, then the new object will overwrite the previously tracked object in the shared state.

The presence JS client methods are supported from supabase-js v2 release candidate.

const { createClient } = require('@supabase/supabase-js')

const supabase = createClient(

const channel ='online-users')

function getRandomUser() {
const users = ['Alice', 'Bob', 'Mallory', 'Inian']
return users[Math.floor(Math.random() * users.length)]

.on('presence', { event: 'sync' }, () => {
console.log('currently online users', channel.presenceState())
.on('presence', { event: 'join' }, ({ newPresences }) => {
console.log('new users have joined', newPresences)
.on('presence', { event: 'leave' }, ({ leftPresences }) =>
console.log('users have left', leftPresences)
.subscribe(async (status) => {
if (status === 'SUBSCRIBED') {
const status = await channel.track({ user_name: getRandomUser() })