Realtime Rate Limits

Supabase Realtime is a global cluster. We've implemented some rate limits to help ensure high availability for all customers.

Rate limits are configurable per project and our cluster supports millions of concurrent connections. Contact support if these limits are causing issues.

Limits by Plan#

Limits are set on the Free and Pro plans accordingly. See our pricing page for more information.

Enterprise plans are billed on a usage basis. We still employ limiting on Enterprise plans. If you're on an Enterprise plan simply contact support and we'll increase your limits as needed.

Enterprise plan limits start at:

  • 500 concurrent clients
  • 1,000 messages per second
  • 500 concurrent Channels

System Limits#

The following limits apply to all projects:

  • 500 Channel joins per second
  • 100 Channels per connected client

Client-Side Limiting#

Some basic WebSocket message rate limiting is implemented client-side.

For example, the multiplayer.dev demo instantiates the Supabase client with an eventsPerSecond parameter.

Rate Limiting Errors#

Rate limiting errors can appear in backend logs and messages in the WebSocket connection.


Use the Realtime Inspector to reproduce an error and share those connection details with Supabase support.

Backend Logs#

If your project is being rate limited, check your Realtime logs.

WebSocket Errors#

  • tenant_events: Clients will be disconnected if your project is generating too many messages per second. supabase-js should reconnect automatically when the message rate decreases below your plan limit.

Some limits can cause a Channel join to be refused. Realtime will reply with one of the following WebSocket messages:

  • too_many_channels: Too many channels currently joined for a single client.
  • too_many_connections: Too many total concurrent connections for a project.
  • too_many_joins: Too many Channel joins per second.


Use your browser's developer tools to find the WebSocket initiation request and view individual messages.

Payload Limits#

Realtime has a message byte size limit of 1 megabyte.

Presence Limits#

Realtime Presence is a CRDT backed in-memory key value store based on Phoenix Presence. It's more expensive to update a Presence than Broadcast a message.

The following limits apply to Presence messages:

  • 10 keys per object
  • Message rate limit is 10% of your Realtime message rate limit
Need some help?

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