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Config reference

The config file resides in supabase/config.json after you run supabase init.

projectId (required)#

A string used to distinguish different Supabase projects on the same host. Defaults to the working directory name when running supabase init.

ports.api (required)#

Host port used for the API URL. Defaults to 54321.

ports.db (required)#

Host port used for the DB URL. Defaults to 54322. (required)#

Host port used for Supabase Studio. Defaults to 54323.

ports.inbucket (optional)#

Host port used for the web interface of Inbucket email testing server. When not specified, emails are automatically confirmed. When specified, emails are not sent to the recipient, but rather monitored and accessible via the web interface.

dbVersion (required)#

Server version number used for the database. This needs to match the server version number of the remote database you intend to link to with supabase db remote set. You can retrieve it by running SHOW server_version_num.