Edge Functions


Limits applied Edge Functions in Supabase's hosted platform.

Runtime limits

  • Maximum Memory: 256MB
  • Maximum Duration (Wall clock limit): 400s (this is the duration an Edge Function worker will stay active. During this period, a worker can serve multiple requests)
  • Maximum CPU Time: 2s
  • Request idle timeout: 150s (if an Edge Function doesn't send a response before the timeout, 504 Gateway Timeout will be returned)
  • Maximum Function Size (after bundling via CLI): 10MB
  • Maximum log message length: 10,000 characters
  • Log event threshold: 100 events per 10 seconds

Other limits & restrictions

  • Outgoing connections to ports 25 and 587 are not allowed.
  • Serving of HTML content is only supported with custom domains (Otherwise GET requests that return text/html will be rewritten to text/plain).
  • Deno and Node file system APIs are not available.
  • Web Worker API (or Node vm API) are not available.
  • Node Libraries that require multithreading are not supported. Examples: libvips, sharp.