Edge Functions

Status codes

Edge Functions can return following status codes.

2XX Success

A successful Edge Function Response

3XX Redirect

The Edge Function has responded with a Response.redirect API docs

4XX Client Errors

401 Unauthorized

If the Edge Function has Verify JWT option enabled, but the request was made with an invalid JWT.

404 Not Found

Requested Edge Function was not found.

405 Method Not Allowed

Edge Functions only support these HTTP methods: 'POST', 'GET', 'PUT', 'PATCH', 'DELETE', 'OPTIONS'

5XX Server Errors

500 Internal Server Error

Edge Function throwed an uncaught exception (WORKER_ERROR). Check Edge Function logs to find the cause.

503 Service Unavailable

Edge Function failed to start (BOOT_ERROR). Check Edge Function logs to find the cause.

504 Gateway Timeout

Edge Function didn't respond before the request idle timeout.

546 Resource Limit (Custom Error Code)

Edge Function execution was stopped due to a resource limit (WORKER_LIMIT). Edge Function logs should provide which resource limit was exceeded.