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BuildLab is a modern software development studio. We view building software products as an art, and are constantly leveraging modern tools and techniques to build more with less. We’ve built everything from internal tools to MVPs to scalable applications.


Robust Web Application Development

Whether you’re looking for an MVP for your startup, and internal tool for your business, a SaaS product or ecommerce platform for customers, we can help build a robust web application that (in addition to Supabase) uses the latest tools and tech in web development.

We can build advanced features like multi-user organizations, Stripe payments (including Stripe Connect for marketplaces), and many more.

How we use Supabase

Supabase takes care of the majority of critical functions needed for any modern web application, from authentication, database, storage, and serverless functions.

This powerful tool gives all the benefits of being able to build and prototype applications quickly, while also being able to scale well beyond the V1/MVP stage.

Our Ideal Supabase Project

We love building any application that creates value for organizations and their customers. This could be an internal tool to help streamline company operations or replace a mix of off-the-shelf tools, or a customer-facing app that provides a service or sells a subscription.

We typically use SvelteKit for the application framework, combined with Supabase (obviously), TailwindCSS for beautiful UI design, and Vercel for hosting. We also strongly believe in using TypeScript for all our applications, which dramatically reduces bug risk, and helps various teams and team members work together with consistent data and application structure. We are also a Stripe certified partner and have integrated their product in a variety of ways wherever payment processing is needed.