Open Source Auth
(with tons of integrations)

Every Supabase project comes with a complete User Management system that works without any additional tools.

Including PostgreSQL's policy engine, for fine-grained access rules.

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All the social providers

Enable social logins with the click of a button. Google, Facebook, GitHub, Azure (Microsoft), Gitlab, Twitter, Discord, and many more.

Fully integrated

Incredibly simple Auth, without a single external authentication service. Built-in Authentication, Authorization, and User Management.

Own your data

User data stored in your Supabase database so you never have to worry about 3rd party privacy issues. Host your data in 8 different locations.

Simple APIs

APIs that you can understand. With powerful libraries that work on client and server-side applications.

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Enterprise logins

Support for SAML, Azure. More enterprise providers and SSO coming soon.

Social login scopes

Request additional user data permissions when using social logins.

Community driven examples, libraries and guides

Supported by a network of early advocates, contributors, and champions.

User permissions without the middleware

Supabase Auth works without any additional servers. Build Authorization rules with Postgres' Row Level Security, controlling who can create, edit and delete specific rows in your database.

Policies can be written in SQL or using the dashboard online.

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Public profiles are viewable by everyone

Create a policy that allows public access to a table

Users can update their own profiles

Create a policy that only allows a user to update rows that match their unique ID

Team members can update team details

Create a policy that allows for team members to update only rows which match their team ID.

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Auth UI

Pre-built auth widgets to get started in minutes.

Customizable authentication UI component with custom themes and extensible styles to match your brand and aesthetic

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React only. Other frameworks coming soon.

Build in a weekend, scale to millions