Store and serve
any type of digital content

An open source Object store with unlimited scalability, for any file type.

With custom policies and permissions that are familiar and easy to implement.


Integrates well with the rest of Supabase ecosystem, including Auth and Postgres.

Lightning fast

Thin API server layer that leverages Postgres' permissions and performance.


Enterprise-level scalability and durability.

Sleek dashboard for managing your media

A complete Object Explorer so that any of your team can use.

Drag and drop uploading, moving objects, and multiple object selection. As easy as working on your desktop.

File previews
Column view
List view
Multi select actions
Path navigator

File previews

Preview any media type, including video and audio.

Column view

Slick Miller-column navigation for rapid folder exploration.

List view

List View to find detailed File metadata at a glance.

Multi select actions

Multi-import and multi-export. Select multiple files from multiple folders.

Path navigator

If you know the exact path of your file, type it in and navigate directly.

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Simple and convenient APIs

Built from the ground up for interoperable authentication.

Fast and easy to implement using our powerful library clients.


Serve from over 285 cities globally to reduce latency.

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Image Optimizations and Transformations

Resize and compress your media files on the fly.

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Integrates natively
with Supabase Auth

Using Postgres Row Level Security to create Object access rules.

Storage Authorization is built around Postgres so that you can use any combination of SQL, Postgres functions, and even your own metadata to write policies.

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Allow public CRUD access to a bucket

This will allow any user access to the bucket named 'avatars'

Allow public CRUD access to a folder in a bucket

This will allow any user access to the folder named 'public' in the bucket 'avatars'

Allow any authenticated user access to a folder

This will allow any authenticated user access to the folder named 'authenticated' in the bucket 'avatars'

Allow a specific user access to a file

This will allow a specific user based on the user's UID access to a file named 'only_uid.jpg'

Build in a weekend, scale to millions