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Supabase is officially launching into General Availability. Join us in this major milestone and explore the exciting features that come with it.

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Build Stage

  • PostgreSQL Index Advisor

    A PostgreSQL extension for recommending indexes to improve query performance.

  • Branching now Publicly Available

    Supabase Branching is now available on Pro Plan and above.

  • Oriole joins Supabase

    The Oriole team are joining Supabase to build a faster storage engine for Postgres.

  • Supabase on AWS Marketplace

    Supabase is now available on the AWS Marketplace, Simplifying Procurement for Enterprise Customers.

  • Supabase Bootstrap

    Launch a new hosted Supabase project directly from the CLI using pre-built applications.

  • Supabase Swift

    Supabase Swift is now officially supported.

  • Top 10 Launches from Supabase GA Week

    A recap of the most important launches and updates from the week.

Supabase Special Announcement | April 15-19 / 7am PT


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