Open Source SQL Database
(without the hassle)

Every Supabase project is a dedicated PostgreSQL database, trusted by millions of developers.

PostgreSQL is one of the worlds most scalable databases.

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Just Postgres

Every Supabase project is a dedicated Postgres database.

100% portable. Bring your existing Postgres database, or migrate away at any time.

Built-in Auth

Leveraging PostgreSQL's proven Row Level Security.

Integrated with JWT authentication which controls exactly what your users can access.

Realtime enabled

Data-change listeners over websockets.

Subscribe and react to database changes, milliseconds after they happen.

Easy to use dashboard

The simplicity of a Table Editor, or the power of a SQL editor. Your choice.

The simplicity of a spreadsheet
Create tables
Set up foreign keys
Select and Export

The simplicity of a spreadsheet

Add, edit, and update your data with the simplicity of a no-code tool.

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Create tables

Add tables, columns and rows right in the dashboard. Without a single line SQL.

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Set up foreign keys

Build connections throughout your data with the full power of a Relational Database.

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Select and Export

Pick the rows you want and export them into a CSV.

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Full SQL
Monaco editor
Favorite queries
Export to CSV

Full SQL

Create tables, functions, join tables - A full SQL editor built into the dashboard

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Monaco editor

Built in Monaco editor, with rich validation and autocomplete.

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Favorite queries

Save your favorite queries to use again and again.

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Export to CSV

Any output can be exported into a CSV

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Never write an API again

We introspect your database and provide instant APIs. Focus on building your product, while Supabase handles the CRUD.

Libraries coming soon:

// Create a record

// Insert new record into a table called `rooms`
const { data, error } = await supabase
    name: 'Supabase Fan Club', 
    public: true 


// Read a record

// Retrieve all of the `rooms`, 
// and get all the messages for each room.
const { data, error } = await supabase
    messages ( text )
  .eq('public', true)

Community driven examples, libraries and guides

Supported by a network of early advocates, contributors, and champions.

Svelte kanban board

A Trello clone using Supabase as the storage system.

joshnuss GitHub profile picturejoshnuss

Next.js Realtime chat app

Next.js Slack clone app using Supabase realtime subscriptions

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

Next.js Subscription and Auth

The all-in-one starter kit for high-performance SaaS applications.

Vercel GitHub profile pictureVercel

Expo Starter

Template bottom tabs with auth flow (Typescript)

codingki GitHub profile picturecodingki

NestJS example

NestJS example using Supabase Auth

hiro1107 GitHub profile picturehiro1107

ReactJS realtime chat app

Example app of real-time chat using supabase realtime api

shwosner GitHub profile pictureshwosner

Vanilla-js Auth app

How to sign up and login using supabase and supabase-js using HTML and JavaScript only

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

React Native todo list app

React Native Todo List example with Expo

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

NextJS todo list app

NextJS todo list example

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

React todo list app

React todo List example

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

Svelte todo list app

Sveltejs todo with TailwindCSS and Snowpack

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

Vue.js todo list app

Vue.js todo app using TypeScript

supabase GitHub profile picturesupabase

Angular todo list app

Angular todo List example

geromegrignon GitHub profile picturegeromegrignon

Extend your database

Supabase works natively with Postgres extensions.

Choose from a huge collection of Postgres extensions, enabled with a single click.

40+ preinstalled extensions

We only show a few of the extensions supported by supabase here, but we preinstall many more that you can use right away.

FROM city, superhero
WHERE ST_Contains(city.geom, superhero.geom)
AND = 'Gotham';
-- This can be run in the SQL editor
SELECT crypt('mypass', gen_salt('bf', 4));

-- We can now execute the statement below to store the string safely in the database:
INSERT INTO users (user_id,enc_pass) VALUES (1,'$2a$04$1bfMQDOR6aLyD4q3KVb8/ujG7ZAkyie4d/s3ABwuZNbzkFFgXtC76');
SELECT order_details.qty,
FROM order_details,
WHERE = order_details.customer_id
AND = ''

-- You can now view pg_stat_statements

FROM pg_stat_statements;

userid              | 16384
dbid                | 16388
query               | select * from users where email = ?;
calls               | 2
total_time          | 0.000268
rows                | 2
shared_blks_hit     | 16
shared_blks_read    | 0
shared_blks_dirtied | 0
shared_blks_written | 0
local_blks_hit      | 0
local_blks_read     | 0
local_blks_dirtied  | 0
local_blks_written  | 0

Spatial and Geographic objects for PostgreSQL

PostGIS is a spatial database extender for PostgreSQL object-relational database. It adds support for geographic objects allowing location queries to be run in SQL.

Extensions used:


Cryptographic functions for PostgreSQL.

The pgcrypto module is a cryptographic extension that provides a number of hashing and cryptographic functions.

Extensions used:


Tracking execution statistics of all SQL statements

The pg_stat_statements module provides a means for tracking execution statistics of all SQL statements executed by a server.

Extensions used: