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With developer signups from the world's leading brands.

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Our investors

We've raised over $116 million in funding, backed by some of the world's leading investors.

Y Combinator

Individual investors

Alana Anderson

Base Case Capital

Alex Solomon

PagerDuty Cofounder

Ankit Jain

Infinitus Founder

Aron Korenblit

Education at Airtable

Astasia Myers

Quiet Capital

Ben Tossell

Makerpad Founder

Brian Douglas

GitHub DevRel

Brianne Kimmel

Worklife VC

Cassidy Williams

Netlify DevRel

Chris Golda

Rogue Capital

Chris Nguyen

LogDNA Founder

Christian Bach

Netlify Cofounder

Elad Gill


Guillermo Rauch

Vercel Founder

Harold Giménez

HashiCorp - VP Eng

Jason Warner

GitHub CTO

Jeff Morris Jr.

Chapter One

Justin Gage

Retool DevRel

Kevin van Gundy

Vercel CRO

Kurt Mackey

Fly Founder

Lee Robinson

Vercel DevRel

Mathias Biilmann Christensen

Netlify Cofounder

Mike Krieger

Instagram Cofounder

Pedro Canahuati

1Password CTO, Ex-Facebook

Piruze Sabuncu


Ram Parami

Customer Strategy at Blend

Shawn Wang

Temporal DevRel

Solomon Hykes

Docker Cofounder

Thorsten Schaeff

Stripe DevRel

Tod Sacerdoti

Pipedream Founder

Todd and Rahul Angel Fund

Todd and Rahul Angel Fund

Tom Preston-Werner

GitHub Cofounder

Tyler McGinnis Cofounder

Yuri Sagalov

Wayfinder Ventures

Zach Waterfield

On Deck


Supabase is fully remote, with a strong affinity for open source maintainers and ex-Founders. Our engineering team is made up of developers from AWS, Google, Palantir, Stripe, and other YC companies.

Build in a weekend, scale to millions