Prepare for the PgBouncer and IPv4 deprecations on 26th January 2024


IPv4 Address

Attach an IPv4 address to your database

From 26th January 2024, we will begin migrating projects to IPv6. To read more about why we are doing this migration, read this blog post and this discussion for how to prepare for the migration. As a summary, AWS will start charging for IPv4 addresses.

The add-on is $4 per month - we're passing on the AWS costs to you. The add-on is available for all paid plans.

When is this add-on required?

This add-on is not required if any of these conditions are met

  • you are only connecting to the database via Supavisor, our connection pooler, or via any of our client libraries.
  • If you are connecting to the database directly and the network from which you are connecting to the database supports IPv6 addresses.

This add-on is only required if you are connecting to the database directly from an IPv6 incompatible network.

Enabling the add-on

You can now enable the IPv4 add-on in your project add-on settings page.