Scopes for your OAuth App

Scopes let you specify the level of access your integration needs

Scopes restrict access to the specific Supabase Management API endpoints for OAuth tokens. All scopes can be specified as read and/or write.

Scopes are set when you create an OAuth app in the Supabase Dashboard.

Available scopes

AuthReadRetrieve a project's auth configuration
Retrieve a project's SAML SSO providers
AuthWriteUpdate a project's auth configuration
Create, update, or delete a project's SAML SSO providers
DatabaseReadRetrieve the database configuration
Retrieve SQL snippets
Check if the database is in read-only mode
Retrieve a database's SSL enforcement configuration
Retrieve a database's schema typescript types
DatabaseWriteCreate a SQL query
Enable database webhooks on the project
Update the project's database configuration
Update a database's SSL enforcement configuration
Disable read-only mode for 15mins
Retrieve the pooler configuration
Create a PITR backup for a database
DomainsReadRetrieve the custom domains for a project
Retrieve the vanity subdomain configuration for a project
DomainsWriteActivate, initialize, reverify, or delete the custom domain for a project
Activate, delete or check the availability of a vanity subdomain for a project
Edge FunctionsReadRetrieve information about a project's edge functions
Edge FunctionsWriteCreate, update, or delete an edge function
EnvironmentReadRetrieve branches in a project
EnvironmentWriteCreate, update, or delete a branch
OrganizationsReadRetrieve an organization's metadata
Retrieve all members in an organization
OrganizationsWriteCreate an organization
ProjectsReadRetrieve a project's metadata
Check if a project's database is eligible for upgrade
Retrieve a project's network restrictions
Retrieve a project's network bans
ProjectsWriteCreate a project
Upgrade a project's database
Remove a project's network bans
Update a project's network restrictions
RestReadRetrieve a project's PostgREST configuration
RestWriteUpdate a project's PostgREST configuration
SecretsReadRetrieve a project's API keys
Retrieve a project's secrets
Retrieve a project's pgsodium config
SecretsWriteCreate or update a project's secrets
Update a project's pgsodium configuration