Basedash allows product teams to move faster without having to build internal tools. Developers can connect their Supabase DB, or any other SQL database to Basedash and then invite anyone on their team to have access to the data. Teams share queries, create views of their DB, and visualize analytics and reporting data, or they use it to do CRUD operations for customer support, operations, or just general development and product tasks.

Basedash is in the LowCode / NoCode space in that you don't code a custom front-end to use it, but technical teammates can still use SQL to fully interact with their data. The goal of Basedash is to remove as much friction from the creation of internal tools as possible. Every table, schema, and attribute can be restricted to prevent errant or unwanted edits, obscured to protect private data, and translated into more human-readable formats and layouts so that non-technical teammates don't have to deal with the complexity of database organization and syntax to make edits and add records.



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