Stacksync connects your CRM and Database with real-time and two-way sync. With two-way sync, we turn your database into a read+write interface to your CRM. So instead of reading and writing data from an API, just do it with SQL queries in the database that you already know and love. Whenever data is updated in your database, it instantly syncs to your CRM and vice versa.

Do not worry about API rate limits, rotating security tokens, error handling, data polling, webhooks and navigating messy CRM documentations. Stacksync takes care of everything for you so you can manipulate your data at scale in your favourite database/data warehouse with SQL queries.

Stacksync connects with Salesforce, HubSpot, Postgres, Supabase, BigQuery, Snowflake, Zendesk, Zoho CRM and more.

You can create a sync in less than 2 minutes in No-code:

  1. Choose the apps you want to sync (e.g. Supabase and HubSpot)
  2. Select the tables you want to sync
  3. Map fields with each other

And that's it!

Builders use Stacksync for:

  • Backbone CRM integration (e.g. create users in CRM on signup, sync subscriptions,...)
  • Send real-time customer metrics from the database to the CRM. Sales and Marketing teams can build campaigns and answer questions such as “How many active users per account in the last 3 days? What is the pay-as-you-go consumption of that user so far? Was onboarding completed?...”.
  • Building internal tools (e.g. partner portals, invoicing systems,...) on real-time CRM data.
  • Real-time dashboarding on CRM data
  • Saving money on their API credit package as Stacksync massively optimizes resource consumption compared to in-house integrations.

Stacksync helped users to get rid of large consulting projects, save countless developer hours and get more clients by turning their CRM into data powerhouses.

Stacksync will set up a persistent real-time and two-way sync that guarantees consistent data at any point in time. It has resilience built-in so even if one of your systems goes down, Stacksync will sync any data updates that happened in the meanwhile as soon as it comes back up.

What's more for you?

  • No-code custom Triggers on data updates to power event-driven apps (Read more here)
  • Monitoring and Logging to master your data flows
  • Issue management
  • Clear and straightforward documentation


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