Buster gives you the UI components, frameworks, and infrastructure to rapidly build self-serve reporting features on top of your Supabase database.

Train an LLM on your database and embed a white-labeled, self-serve data UX directly into your customer-facing web app (as an iFrame or React Component).

With buster, you can ship LLM-powered data features in less than a day. It works like this...

Connect your Supabase database with one click. Then, let Buster generate documentation around your db, build/deploy a RAG knowledge base, manage row-level policies, auto-generate text-to-sql pairs, monitor performance, and manage RLHF.

You can also white-label our pre-built UI component and deploy it across all of your users, by embedding it as an iFrame.

Once embedded, end users are able to ask data questions in plain english, visualize insights, and build their own dashboards on the fly - without ever leaving your web app.

Your model also learns from every question that's ever asked. In short - you can replace the "Insights" tab in your web app with a self-serve, LLM-powered data experience - in less than a day.



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