ElectricSQL is a local-first sync layer for building fast, collaborative apps that work offline.

Local-first is a new paradigm where your app code talks directly to an embedded local database and data syncs in the background via active-active replication. It takes the network off the interaction path and combines instant reactivity with realtime multi-user collaboration and conflict-free offline support.

ElectricSQL is an open source sync layer that allows you to build local-first apps directly on Postgres. It provides a conflict-free programming model and is formally proven to have the strongest possible consistency and integrity guarantees for a highly available database system. It also supports dynamic partial replication, with an expressive programming model that allows you to craft how data syncs between Postgres and local applications.

ElectricSQL works with both the Supabase Platform and self-host Supabase and integrates natively with Supabase Auth. It's designed to work with your existing data model and provides full SQL support with referential integrity and constraints.



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