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Supabase Platform

Supabase is a hosted platform which makes it very simple to get started without needing to manage any infrastructure.

Visit and sign in to start creating projects.


Each project on Supabase comes with:


Organizations are a way to group your projects. Each organization can be configured with different team members and billing settings.

Manage team members

You can invite your team members into your organizations to collaborate on projects.

You can also assign roles to your team members with different access levels. The table below shows the corresponding permissions for each available role in the Dashboard.

Change organization name
Delete organization
Add an Owner
Remove an Owner
Add an Adminstrator
Remove an Administrator
Add a Developer
Remove a Developer
Revoke an invite
Resend an invite
Read invoices
Read billing email
Change billing email
View subscription
Update subscription
Read billing address
Update billing address
Read tax codes
Update tax codes
Read payment methods
Update payment methods
Create a project
Delete a project
Update a project
Pause a project
Resume a project
Restart a project

Platform status

If Supabase experiences outages, we keep you as informed as possible, as early as possible. We provide the following feedback channels:

Make sure to review our SLA for details on our commitment to Platform Stability.