Phone Login

Phone Login is a method of authentication that allows users to log in to a website or application without using a password. Instead of entering a password, the user provides another form of authentication through a one-time code sent via SMS.


There are several reasons why you might want to add phone login to your applications:

  • Improved user experience: By eliminating the need for users to remember and enter complex passwords, phone login can make it easier and more convenient for users to log in to your application. This can improve the overall user experience and make it more enjoyable for users to interact with your application.

  • Increased security: Phone login can improve the security of your application by reducing the risk of password-related security breaches, such as password reuse and weak passwords. By using alternative forms of authentication, such as one-time codes or biometric factors, you can make it more difficult for unauthorized users to access your application.

  • Reduced support burden: Phone login can also help reduce the support burden for your team by eliminating the need to handle password recovery flows or deal with other password-related issues. This can free up your team to focus on other important tasks and improve the efficiency of your operation.

Set up a provider with Supabase Auth#

Supabase supports Phone Login with several communications platforms. Follow the guides below to set up a provider with Supabase Auth.