An identity is an authentication method associated with a user. Supabase Auth supports the following types of identity:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • OAuth
  • SAML

A user can have more than one identity. Anonymous users have no identity until they link an identity to their user.

The user identity object

The user identity object contains the following attributes:

idstringThe provider id returned by the provider. If the provider is an OAuth provider, the id refers to the user's account with the OAuth provider. If the provider is email or phone, the id is the user's id from the auth.users table.
user_idstringThe user's id that the identity is linked to.
identity_dataobjectThe identity metadata. For OAuth and SAML identities, this contains information about the user from the provider.
identity_idstringThe unique id of the identity.
providerstringThe provider name.
created_atstringThe timestamp that the identity was created.
last_sign_in_atstringThe timestamp that the identity was last used to sign in.
updated_atstringThe timestamp that the identity was last updated.