General configuration

General configuration options for Supabase Auth

This section covers the general configuration options for Supabase Auth. If you are looking for another type of configuration, you may be interested in one of the following sections:

Supabase Auth provides these general configuration options to control user access to your application:

  • Allow new users to sign up: Users will be able to sign up. If this config is disabled, only existing users can sign in.

  • Confirm Email: Users will need to confirm their email address before signing in for the first time.

    • Having Confirm Email disabled assumes that the user's email does not need to be verified in order to login and implicitly confirms the user's email in the database.
    • This option can be found in the email provider under the provider-specific configuration.
  • Allow anonymous sign-ins: Allow anonymous users to be created.

  • Allow manual linking: Allow users to link their accounts manually.