Configure a Custom SMTP


At present, you can trial the Supabase platform by sending up to 3 emails per hour via the built-in service. The default email service as a whole is offered on a best effort basis: we will do our best to maintain it and will review usage of the service on a regular basis to see if the email service should be continued.

As you progress toward production, you may find yourself wanting for a custom SMTP service in order to increase your limits. A custom SMTP server will allow you to set your own cap on the number of emails sent per hour.

Beyond rate limits, an SMTP server might also help with:

  • Deliverability and Reputation Management
  • Scalability
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Compliance and Anti Spam measures

How to set up SMTP

Head over to Auth Settings Page and hit "Enable Custom SMTP" under the SMTP Provider section.

Fill in fields below with the relevant details obtained from your custom SMTP provider:

SMTP settings

How to update email rate limits

After adding a custom SMTP provider, you can head over to Auth > Rate Limits to configure the rate limits for sending emails.

SMTP providers

You can use Supabase Auth with any major SMTP provider of your choosing. Some SMTP providers you could consider using are: