How billing works

Learn how billing works in Supabase.

Our goal at Supabase is to provide a predictable billing system that grows with your project.

How billing is organized

The Supabase Platform has "organizations" and "projects". An organization may contain multiple projects. Each project is a dedicated Supabase instance with all of its sub-services including Storage, Auth, Functions and Realtime. For example:

  • Organization 1
    • Project 1 (Database, Auth, Storage, Functions, Realtime)
    • Project 2 (Database, Auth, Storage, Functions, Realtime)
  • Organization 2
    • Project 3 (Database, Auth, Storage, Functions, Realtime)

Each organization only has a single subscription with a single plan (Free, Pro, Team or Enterprise). Project addons such as Compute, Custom Domains and PITR are still configured per project and are added to your organization subscription.

Billing: Current

Quotas and features

Quotas and features are applied to your entire organization, independent of how many projects you launch within that organization. For billing purposes, we sum the usage across all projects in a monthly invoice.

Upgrading your organization to a paid plan means that you unlock the benefits of the paid plan for all projects within that organization - for example, no projects in your "Pro" organization will be paused. See pricing page for details on all plans.

Usage items

Egress5GB250GB included, then $0.09 per GBCustom
Database Size500MB8GB included, then $0.125 per GBCustom
Storage Size1GB100GB included, then $0.021 per GBCustom
Monthly Active Users50,000 MAU100,000 MAU included, then $0.00325 per MAUCustom
Function Invocations500K2 million included, then $2 per millionCustom
Function Count10100 included, then $10 per 100Custom
Storage Images TransformedUnavailable on Free plan100 included, then $5 per 1000Custom
Realtime Message Count2 million5 million included, then $2.5 per millionCustom
Realtime Peak Connections200500 included, then $10 per 1000Custom

Usage-based billing for compute

We provide a dedicated server for every Supabase project. By default, your instance runs on the Micro Compute instance. You can upgrade your compute size in your project settings.

You won't get an immediate charge upfront when changing compute, instead we'll bill you based on compute runtime hours when your billing cycle resets.

If you launch a second or third instance on your paid plan, we add the additional compute hours to the final invoice.

Compute pricing

Instance SizeHourly PriceEstimated Monthly Price

Free plan

Supabase provides two "Free organizations". Each organization can run a Nano instance for free. This is a great way to get started with Supabase and try out the platform.

Compute credits

Paid plans come with $10 of Compute Credits to cover one Micro instance or parts of any other Compute Add-On.

Compute Credits are deducted from your Compute Usage. You can launch as many instances as you want on paid plans and we'll bill based on the compute hours. If you upgrade an instance for 24 hours, you'll only be billed for those 24 hours of additional compute. Compute hours are billed when you do plan up/downgrades (resets the billing cycle) or whenever your billing cycle resets once a month.

Compute Credits do not apply to other usage fees like egress, database size, ... They solely apply to Compute usage.

Additionally, Compute Credits are given to you not only for the first month but for every month while you are on a paid plan. Notice though, that they reset every month and do not accumulate, in case you're not running any projects.


In case of deploying additional Read Replicas, each replica is a dedicated database that adds additional compute runtime hours.

Each replica incurs one compute hour on the given instance size. An example:

A primary database on XL compute and two read replicas on XL compute would incur ~2.190 XL compute hours (3x 730h) and cost ~$630/month.

Unified egress

Each organization receives a total egress quota (eg. 250GB on the Pro plan) which can be used for anything - Storage, Realtime, Auth, Functions, Supavisor or Database.

Included egress quota

Each plan includes a quota for unified egress, which is applied to your entire organization.

PlanTotal Egress QuotaOver-Usage
Free5 GB-
Pro250 GB$0.09 per GB
Team250 GB$0.09 per GB

Egress dashboards

You can see a breakdown of the different types of egress on your organization usage page.

Billing Examples

Here are some examples on how the Billing affects you.

Multiple free plan projects

Here are the quotas for the free plan:

Usage ItemFree plan
Egress5GB across Database + Storage
Database Space500MB
Storage Space1GB
Monthly Active Users50,000 MAU
Edge Function Invocations500K
Edge Function Count10
Realtime Message Count2 million
Realtime Peak Connections200
Max of 2 free orgs - 1 database per org

While we allow you to launch a total of two free projects, the quota applies to the entire organization, i.e. you can have a total of 4GB of database space.

Multiple pro plan projects

While you only pay for the $25 Pro plan once, launching additional projects at least incurs compute costs.

Invoice Breakdown

Line ItemPrice
Pro Plan for Organization$25
Micro Compute x3$30
Compute Credits$-10

Here's the quota for your entire organization:

Usage ItemQuota
Egress250GB included, then $0.09 per GB
Database Size8GB included, then $0.125 per GB
Storage Size100GB included, then $0.021 per GB
Monthly Active Users100K MAU included, then $0.00325 per MAU
Function Invocations2 million included, then $2 per million
Function Count100 included, then $10 per 100
Storage Images Transformed100 included, then $5 per 1000
Realtime Message Count5 million included, then $2.5 per million
Realtime Peak Connections500 included, then $10 per 1000

If you wish to keep the same quota for each project, you can separate your projects into three organizations on the Pro plan each. You'd end up paying $25 for each project, so $75 instead of $45 in total, while getting more quota.

See Project Transfers to move projects across organizations.