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10-03-20203 minute read

Supabase Alpha September 2020

Paul CopplestoneCEO and Co-Founder
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We're now 7 months into building Supabase. This update is a big one!

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Third-party logins

We've released OAuth logins! You can now enable third-party logins on your app for Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, or Google.

This is a picture of the supabase dashboard with OAuth logins

Clone tables

You can duplicate your tables, just like you would inside a spreadsheet.

Enable and disable extensions

Extensions are easier to use. You can enable Postgres extensions with the click of a button.

Save your favorite queries

The SQL editor now stores your query history in your browser. You can also save your favorite queries to run later!

GitHub Discussions

Supabase was given access to GitHub Discussions! This is the place for you to ask questions or show off what you've built with Supabase.

This is a screenshot of our GitHub Discussions, a new feature by GitHub.


From the community


There's been plenty of drama during Hacktoberfest, but Supabase is committed to helping new contributors get started with open source. We've already seen a lot of issues closed by new members to our community and first-time contributors. If you're looking for ways to get involved, read our Hacktoberfest blog post, check our live stream, and then dive into our project board.

This is an image of our hacktoberfest project board on GitHub.

Coming next

Our focus now is to move from Alpha to Beta and we'll be improving stability, reliability, and performance. We've created a Benchmarks repository, where we'll be measuring the performance of all the open source tools we use.

Get started

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