Supabase Beta March 2022


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Definitely our most feature-packed month so far. Here's a ton of stuff we shipped throughout March...


The one we've all been waiting for. You can now deploy Javascript & Typescript functions to Supabase. You can develop and test locally, link a project, and deploy globally to the edge in a matter of seconds!

supabase functions


You can now query your Supabase database with GraphQL. We built this as a postgres extension, so it's portable, open source, and solves some of the problems that exist in other GraphQL implementations.



Supabase Realtime now supports multiplayer and presence, so you can build collaborative applications like Figma and Google Docs with Supabase. Come and have some fun on our demo application.



Logging and Observability dashboard, Prometheus endpoint, SLAs, premium support, pricing updates, and Point-In-Time-Recovery. Everything you need to use Supabase at scale.


GitHub Secret Scanning

We're now an official GitHub secret scanning partner, meaning that if you accidentally push your service_role key to GitHub, you'll get a notification email, and your keys will automatically be rolled on Supabase. For private repos you can disable this.

secret scanning

Community Day

PostgREST 10 pre-release, new OAuth providers, Next-JS auth helpers, new courses, and an open source Partner Gallery.

community day

Should I open source my company?

We wrote an article for anyone considoring making their codebase open source. We explore the advantages and tackle some common concerns.

open source

Supabrew - Never Code Thirsty

For April Fools - we announced a non-alcoholic, light, and refreshing brew. Perfect for coding late into the night. We're pushing the boundaries of Developer Experience.


Video Highlights

Relive all the action from Launch Week 4:


We're Hiring - for a ton of new roles across engineering, marketing, and HR. We hire fully remotely, and you'll get to work alongside some incredible people, on one of the fastest growing open source companies. See which roles we're hiring for.

supabase is hiring


We're having a 24/7*365 meme-fest on Twitter. Come join us.

supabase twitter


Check us out on TikTok


Swag Store

A reminder that we have a Supabase Swag Store

swag store


We hit 30K stars!!:

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