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Supabase Beta October 2023


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Last month we merged over 800 PRs from more than 100 contributors. If you want to play a part in building Supabase, check out our core and community repos. More hands are always welcome, and no matter your framework of choice there are always interesting problems to work on.

Here are some of the major items we shipped during October…

Server-Side Auth in Next.js 14

Server-Side Auth in Next.js 14

We've released @supabase/ssr, which makes it super easy to use cookies for storing user sessions. We’ve updated npx create-next-app -e with-supabase to use @supabase/ssr and made it compatible with Next.js 14.

Read the blog post.

pgvector vs Pinecone

pgvector vs Pinecone

pgvector is becoming the vector store of choice for developers. We’ve put it to the test against Pinecone and found that it performs better on cost and query throughput, without sacrificing accuracy.

See the full benchmarks

Manage storage buckets from the command line

Manage storage buckets from the command line

You can now manage Storage buckets with the Supabase CLI:

  • supabase storage ls -r: show all buckets and objects
  • supabase cp -r ss:///bucket: upload local files to bucket
  • supabase cp -r ss:///bucket: download objects from bucket
  • supabase rm -r ss:///bucket: delete files from bucket

Managing Storage buckets with CLI works best if there are less than 100k objects in your bucket and each of them is smaller than 20MB. Reference docs are here.

What's new in Supabase Studio?

What's new in Supabase Studio?

Supabase Studio is improved many times per day, here is some of what's new:

  • Better error surfacing in SQL Editor. [PR]
  • Break out auth rate limit fields into a separate page. [PR]
  • Enumerated types management. [PR]
  • New API side panel. [PR]
  • Audit logs for organizations available on Team plan.

Check them out.

Multi-factor Authentication in Supabase Studio

Multi-factor Authentication in Supabase Studio

Secure your Supabase account with Multi-Factor Authentication. You can now add a time-based one-time password (TOTP), managed by apps such as 1Password, Authy, Google Authenticator or Apple's Keychain.

Check out the doc

Quick product announcements

  • [Auth] LinkedIn OIDC provider. [PR]
  • [Auth] Use token to include the redirect URL in your email template. [PR]
  • [pgvector] Upgrade 0.5.1 (faster HNSW index builds). [Release]
  • [Dashboard] Scopes for OAuth apps. [PR]
  • [Postgres] pg_jsonschema upgrade 0.1.4 to 0.2.0. [Release]
  • [Supavisor] Starts providing Docker Images. [Docker]
  • [GraphQL] GraphQL user defined functions now supported following the pg_graphql upgrade from 1.2.3 to 1.4.2. [Docs]

AI Content Storm

AI Content Storm

We compiled a looong list of AI examples and tutorials produced by the Supabase community. There is a wide variety of topics such as Building an AI Coloring Book with Elixir and Create your own ChatGPT in Dart.

Read the blog post

Extended Community Highlights

Community Highlights

  • LottieFiles x Supabase Korea Meetup. [Apply to join]
  • Sending authentication emails with Resend and Supabase. [Doc]
  • Paul Copplestone's keynote at the AI Engineer Summit. [Video]
  • Using Expo and Supabase. [Doc]
  • We were part of Next.js Conf and chatted about the new announcements. [Video] | [Twitter Space]
  • Offline-first React Native Apps with Expo, WatermelonDB, and Supabase. Blog post
  • Easy Deployment and Rollback of PostgreSQL Functions with Supabase. Article
  • Supabase E2E testing just got so much easier. Video
  • Cloud Storage using Supabase. Step-by-step Android tutorial. Video
  • Building Dynamic Web Apps: A Step-by-Step Guide to Supabase and Django Integration. Guide
  • How to set up a Local Development Environment for Supabase. Guide

Launch Week X

Launch Week X

Oh, and one more thing… this is definitely something you won’t want to miss. Mark your calendar!

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