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Open source GraphQL PostgreSQL Extension

Today we're open sourcing pg_graphql, a work-in-progress native PostgreSQL extension adding GraphQL support. The extension keeps schema generation, query parsing, and resolvers all neatly contained on your database server requiring no external services.

pg_graphql inspects an existing PostgreSQL schema and reflects a GraphQL schema with resolvers that are:

  • performant
  • always up-to-date
  • compliant with best practices
  • serverless
  • open source

Interested? Read more about the technical implementation here.


Supabase CDN

Today we are launching Supabase CDN for all projects. All requests are routed through global network of more than 250 cities.

Assets stored in Supabase Storage benefit the most from this feature since they have a default cache time of 1 hour. They load an order of magnitude faster, usually in just tens of ms! After the initial request, the asset will be cached at the edge and doesn't hit your Supabase server. This frees up more resources in your project to handle other requests.

Our Postgrest, Gotrue and Realtime APIs are also faster since SSL is terminated at the edge. This is a brief overview of some of our other performance enhancements we have enabled under the hood.

TLS 1.3

Usually, negotiating a new SSL connection requires at least 3 round trips between the client and the server. This leads to a degraded experience for users with high latencies. TLS1.3 reduces the number of roundtrips to negotiate an SSL connection from 3 to 2. It also supports Zero Round Trip Time (0-RTT) session resumption. This lets repeat users to resume a connection without any additional roundtrips!


HTTP/3 or HTTP over QUIC is the successor to HTTP/2. This protocol is based on UDP instead of TCP. HTTP/3 is faster than HTTP/2 (conditions apply), is more secure, future proof.


Brotli is a new compression algorithm that performs better than gzip. All text based responses from Supabase (including the massive amount of Javascript required to render websites these days) are compressed with Brotli.

We can also ensure a higher degree of reliability of your Supabase APIs with a CDN by defending against Denial of Service Attacks and bots.


(Yet another) Supabase Functions update

It's been four months since our last Functions update and (as it's becoming a tradition at the end of Launch Week) we have another update for you.

Unfortunately we're still not in a position to release anything. There are a few reasons for this - mainly it's because we've been hyper focused on a couple major milestones:

Since our last Functions update we've raised our Series A, acquired a company, built Realtime Row Level Security, open sourced the dashboard, built a GraphQL extension for PostgreSQL, and added four Auth providers, all while growing the community, supporting open-source tools, and delivering a few other things that the community felt was important.

That being said, we have been working on Functions, iterating through different designs to figure out what's going to have the biggest impact for Supabase developers. So today we are going to open up our ideas and designs through our RFC repo (request for comments).

There are two important RFCs related to functions:


Free Supabase course


We've partnered with the fine folks at to bring you a free, in-depth course where you'll learn how to "Build a SaaS product with Next.js, Supabase and Stripe".

You will learn how to build a subscription-based billing project from scratch, and by the end of the course, have something deployed to production that can make you very real money!

Check it out entirely free on egghead, and build something that can generate some income, while you enjoy your holidays!

SaaS meme

Kicking off the Holiday Hackdays


While not everyone will be celebrating the holidays this December, we can all be united in celebrating open-source software, and to do so we're kicking off the "Holiday Hackdays" (loosely inspired by the 12 Pubs of Christmas only a bit healthier).

Starting today at 7am PT we'll be hacking together for the next 10 days until 23:59pm PT on Sunday December 12th. And because we've launched row-level security for our Realtime API earlier this week, we'd love for you to use it in your Hackathon project. May it be to build a Santa Tracker or that secure family chat app to bring all your relatives together for the festive season, be creative and most importantly have fun 🥳

As always, we'll have some extremely limited edition swag to give away that can only be won by participating in the Hackathon!

The Supabase team will be participating as well, for example Jon and Thor, inspired by Egghead's "Holiday Course Release Extravaganza", will be building an Advent Calendar for all the awesome community content you've been creating. Get ready for a cool open-source project which will be using a lot of the hottest Supabase features! To make sure you don't miss this one, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We'll see you there.

Find the full hackathon details and rules in the blog post.

That's it, that's another Launch Week wrapped. See you at the next one, or in the meantime on Discord, and until then, happy hacking!


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