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Supabase Alpha November 2020


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We've been building for 9 months now, and we're getting even closer to Beta.

Quick demo

Watch a full demo:

Add users

You can now add users manually from your dashboard.

This image shows how to invite a new user directly from the dashboard.

User admin

You can also perform admin functions on existing users - send password reset emails, magic links, and delete users.

This image shows how to delete a user directly from the dashboard.

Even more powerful SQL Editor

Last month we announced an improved SQL Editor, and this month we've taken it even further. The SQL Editor is now a full Monaco editor, like you'd find in VS Code. Build your database directly from the browser.

This image shows our improved SQL Editor.

Status page

We added a Status Page which tracks the uptime and latency of the Supabase platform.

This image shows our new status page.


  • We completed a security audit by DigitalXRAID.
  • Email confirmations now enabled by default for signups.
  • Updated Benchmarking Suite to include more realistic workloads, on various different servers (results published soon).
  • You can now set/edit/remove Foreign Keys via the table editor.


We had a crazy month during Hacktoberfest. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

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Coming next

Look out for a big announcement on December 3rd. We'll also be presenting in the Open Core Summit on the 16th of December.

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