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We have so much good stuff this month that it’s hard to fit in a single blog post 🚢.

We’ve got some new Postgres extensions, GraphQL updates, changes to Edge Functions, and more!

Storing OpenAI embeddings in Postgres with pgvector

Storing OpenAI embeddings in Postgres with pgvector

pgvector is a popular PostgreSQL extension for storing embeddings and performing vector similarity search. It was one of the most requested extensions by the AI/ML community and is now available thanks to gregnr.

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Meet Supabase Clippy: ChatGPT for Docs

Meet Supabase Clippy: ChatGPT for Docs

Greg wasted no time and took pgvector for a spin, he combined it with OpenAI to build Supabase Clippy, a next-generation doc search. The first implementation is a 1-week MVP and fully open source, so you can build on top of it.

Client library reference: Python and C#

Client library reference: Python and C#

We have released extensive reference docs for C# and Python, detailing every object and method. What are you going to build?

pg_graphql now supports Views, Materialized Views, and Foreign Tables

pg_graphql now supports Views, Materialized Views, and Foreign Tables

Views, Materialized Views, and Foreign Tables are three database objects that provide a powerful way to access and organize and transform data without duplication.

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Automatic WebP detection for Image Transformation

Automatic WebP detection for Image Transformation

WebP is a modern image format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. We are enabling format conversion by default for anyone who has Image Transformations. You can opt out by including format: origin in the transformation parameters.

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Quick product updates

-  Postgres Extension: Another powerful and time-tested extension, pg_repack, is added to Supabase. [PR]

- Auth: Multi-tab session support using the new browser BroadcastChannel API. If a user logs out on one tab, they will now be logged out on all tabs. [PR]

- Postgres: Superior speed with lz4 database compression. [PR]

- Postgres: Use ICU locales and collations for text attribute ordering in database queries. [PR]

- Docs: New guide on scheduling functions with pg_cron. [Guide]

- Edge Functions: You can now download source codes of deployed edge functions from the CLI. [Doc]

- Edge Functions: building a Discord Slash Bot. [Video Tutorial]

Deploy Supabase on DigitalOcean

Deploy Supabase on DigitalOcean

We teamed up with DigitalOcean to level up self-hosted Supabase. This guide shows how to host Supabase on DigitalOcean using Sendgrid, Packer, and Terraform. More collaborations coming soon!

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45k Github stars (and counting!)

45k Github stars (and counting!)

We hit two big milestones: 45k stars and Supabase is one the top 200 most-popular repos on Github 💥

Massive thanks to the community for all the support 👁️⚡️👁️

Supabase Repo.

Made with Supabase

Made with Supabase | Two things that we are fans of are memes and AI. Just describe your thoughts and let AI create original memes for you. Available in 110+ languages!

Discover other great projects: Made with Supabase.

Extended Community Highlights


- JWT Helper for Supabase by Zuplo. Tool

  • ClickHouse and PostgreSQL - a Match Made in Data Heaven - Part 2. Blog Post
  • Building a Startup from Scratch: My Mistakes as CTO. Blog Post
  • We are sponsoring TreeHacks, Stanford University's premier hackathon and one of the largest hackathons in the USA. Hackathon
  • Set up a Svelte to-do list on self-hosted Supabase + authentication. Tutorial
  • Vercel wrote a case study about how much we love TurboRepo (and Vercel in general 🖤). Case Study
  • A Very Basic Scraper/Aggregator Site in Next.js with Go Cloud Functions and Supabase. Article
  • Supabase CDC Webhooks to Memphis REST Gateway. Article
  • How I Replaced Revue With a Custom-Built Newsletter Service Using Nuxt 3, Supabase, Serverless, and Amazon SES. Article
  • Nuxt 3, Tailwind, and Supabase Crash Course. Video Course
  • WhatsApp in React Native. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Distributed GraphQL with Hasura and Supabase. Docs

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Meme Zone

As always, one of our favorite memes from last month. Follow us on Twitter for more.

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