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Supabase Beta Sept 2021


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Supabase Beta Sept 2021

Did you know it's been 2 years since the first commit to Realtime, our real-time engine for Postgres? Before we even existed as a company! We spent this month updating docs and content, improving UX, and onboarding Developer Advocates!

Hackathon v2

To kick off Hacktoberfest, another Supabase Hackathon is happening right now. You've got another 7 days to be in to win a limited edition t-shirt.


Abort Requests

We added support for AbortController in our Javascript library so that you can abort long-running queries. [Docs]

Abort Requests

Improved table management

We've made a number of changes to the Dashboard to expose some great features of PostgreSQL including:

Column types

We've improved the column Type field so that it supports your custom types.

Column types

Is Unique

We've made it simple to add a unique constraint when creating or editing a table.

Is Unique

Edit columns

By popular request, you can now view all columns in a table at a glance and edit them in bulk.

Edit columns

Cross-schema relationships

We updated our grid to support relationships across multiple schemas.

Cross-schema relationships

Improved Auth Docs

We've revamped the Auth docs - The docs are now broken down into Authentication and Authorization, and organized alongside our Deep Dive series.

Auth Docs

Low Code demo

Low Code demo, Using Supabase with - @_dijonmusters ran a session at General Assembly showing how to use these two tools together to create apps using a low code approach.


There was a lot of new content this month.



We hit 16.5k followers. Follow us there for advance frontend tips and 👁️⚡👁️



Not far from 20K stars:




Our Discord is growing fast. Come hangout with 3500+ developers building on Supabase today:



We're Hiring SREs. We're fully remote and we love Open Source. See open roles.


Coming Next

We're warming up for another Launch Week! Last time was "Launch Week II: the SQL". We're going to need another month to come up with a good pun again, so we'll aim for November.

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