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Supabase Beta September 2022


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For September we made a huge effort to focus on crushing our backlog and outstanding tickets amongst other things, here's the full list of updates for the month...

Kaizen Week

Post Launch Week we did three subsequent weeks of Kaizen, a term we use internally to deliver constant and incremental improvement. Each week had a different focus:

  • Week 1: QA and testing
  • Week 2: Documentation
  • Week 3: Issue Backlog and Automation

It's pretty rare for a company to stop feature development altogether, but luckily we're just a bunch of developers so we all know the pain of technical debt. After 5 Launch Weeks, working on testing and backlogs feels like a bit of a relief.

We saw a lot of progress across our Open Issues - closing over 250 issues and 50 Pull Requests.

Kaizen Week - Github Chart

and we shipped a few things:

Auth UI on Product Hunt

Auth UI on Product Hunt

We launched the new Auth UI on Product Hunt! Auth UI is a pre-built React component for authenticating users with Supabase Auth. It supports custom themes and extensible styles to match your brand and aesthetic.

Check out the launch.

Postgres WASM

Postgres WASM with Snaplet and Supabase

If you've ever wondered, "can I run Postgres inside a browser, using an embeddable Linux Virtual Machine?", wonder no longer. With our friends at Snaplet, we've released an open source Postgres WASM.

Read the blog post
Comment on Hacker News
Visit the repo: Snaplet | Supabase

Security updates

We're making some changes to the way the Dashboard interacts with your database. These changes simplify the database permissions so that it's easier for you to migrate in and out of Supabase, and they reduce the security surface area considerably. The change will be applied automatically in November, or you can run it today via the Dashboard.

Review the Security Notice.

Quick product updates

  • Edge functions free plan script size is bumped to 2 MB
  • functions-go was just contributed to supabase-community by Zain Khan
  • A new guide to add captcha to your sign-in, sign-up, and password reset forms
  • New Postgres Extension for monitoring your PostgreSQL database network traffic: pg_netstat
  • Added docs for how caching works in Supabase

Migrate from Heroku to Supabase

Migrate from Heroku to Supabase

In case you missed it, Heroku is shutting down their free plan. We're big fans of Heroku and take a lot of inspiration from what they've built. Supabase is compatible with Heroku's PostgreSQL product (because we're just Postgres too), and if you have a free project running on Heroku we've created a tool to help migrate to our free plan.

Made with Supabase

Made with Supabase - Supabase Schema

Supabase Schema: An open source, free, login-less and secured Supabase Schema Visualizer. Simply plug in your URL and anon key and see a visual representation of your database schema! Built by the amazing Zernonia using Vue 3, Viti, and WindiCSS.

Extended Community Highlights


  • Building a viral application to visualize train routes. Blog
  • OTP Authentication with Supabase and Twilio in React. Tutorial
  • Join Vercel and us for Next.js Conf.
  • Building $1K - $10K MRR Micro SaaS around Supabase. Blog
  • Watch How Netlify and Supabase Enables "Supa" DX. Webinar
  • Postgres database functions are your next favorite feature! Blog
  • Create a blog with Vue, Tailwindcss & Supabase. Part 1 and Part 2
  • Flutter Supabase Authentication. Tutorial
  • Vue 3 + Pinia + Supabase Auth (Email). Tutorial
  • Power up your ClickUp skills with Supabase, Figma, and DhiWise in a day. Tutorial
  • Creating an Email Authentication using Supabase in React. Tutorial

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Supabase meme September 2022

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