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Streamlining Success: How Tinloof Scaled Seamlessly with Supabase

Discover Tinloof, how a full-stack development agency, managed and scaled backend services using Supabase, without having to dedicate resources to infrastructure management.

Streamlining Success: How Tinloof Scaled Seamlessly with Supabase logo

Tinloof, a full-stack development agency, specializes in building modern web applications for various clients. Their projects range from simple web apps to complex systems requiring robust and scalable backends. Tinloof's team, consisting of developers proficient in both frontend and backend technologies, faced a challenge in managing the infrastructure and backend services for their applications.
Use caseFull stack development agency, SaaS
SolutionsDatabase, Auth

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The challenge

The primary challenge for Tinloof was to efficiently manage and scale backend services without having to dedicate resources to infrastructure management. They needed a solution that would handle authentication, database management, and scalability seamlessly. Additionally, the team was concerned about the ability to support high user volumes, particularly for projects like Pika, an AI text to video platform, which had a large and active user base on Discord.

Why Supabase?

Tinloof chose Supabase for its ease of use, scalability, comprehensive feature set, and great developer experience (DX).

Ease of Use
Supabase provided an all-in-one solution with an SQL database, authentication, and real-time capabilities. This eliminated the need for additional tools and complex setups.

Supabase's ability to handle high traffic volumes and seamless scalability were crucial for Tinloof, especially for projects with sudden user influxes.

Comprehensive Features
Supabase offered features like row-level security, customizable email templates, and AI-powered search functionalities, which made it a versatile choice for various projects.

The simplicity of integrating Supabase into projects and its detailed documentation allowed Tinloof's developers to quickly adapt and implement solutions without deep expertise in infrastructure management.

The Results

Using Supabase, Tinloof successfully managed to streamline their development, scale their applications with a secure and reliable backend, and deliver a positive user experience.

Streamline Development
The team could focus on building application logic rather than worrying about backend infrastructure. Supabase’s out-of-the-box features saved significant development time.

Scale Effortlessly
During the launch of Pika, Tinloof handled over a million users without major issues, thanks to Supabase's scalable infrastructure. Supabase upgraded instances proactively based on usage metrics.

Secure and Reliable Backend
Supabase's robust security features ensured that Tinloof could implement best practices effortlessly, making their applications both secure and reliable.

Positive User Experience
The use of Supabase enhanced the overall performance of Tinloof's applications, leading to a better user experience and higher client satisfaction.

Tinloof continues to rely on Supabase for future projects, appreciating the flexibility and power it brings to their development processes .

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