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Voypost uses Supabase’s strong relational model to overcome NoSQL challenges

Learn how Voypost leveraged Supabase to avoid NoSQL workarounds, enhance scalability, and deliver a superior user experience for Inkly, an intelligent contract negotiation platform.

Voypost uses Supabase’s strong relational model to overcome NoSQL challenges logo

Voypost, a leading software development company, excels in helping startups and small to medium-sized businesses build scalable and high quality applications. One of their standout projects using Supabase is Inkly, an intelligent contract negotiation platform.
Use caseContract negotiation platform, SaaS

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The challenge

Initially the Voypost team used Firebase to develop Inkly, an intelligent contract negotiation platform, for a client. As the product evolved, they encountered increasing complexity due to the relational nature of their data. They had to develop numerous NoSQL workarounds, making data management cumbersome and limiting their ability to efficiently implement new features. The need for a more suitable database solution became evident as they sought to maintain high performance and scalability without the limitations imposed by Firebase’s NoSQL structure.

Why Supabase?

Voypost determined Supabase was the ideal solution for several reasons. Supabase offered the benefits of a relational database with the ease of use and scalability required by Voypost. The open-source nature of Supabase provided Voypost greater customization and control, ensuring they were not locked into a proprietary system. Additionally, the ability to run Supabase on their own infrastructure, if needed, provided a significant advantage in flexibility. The familiar SQL querying capabilities and the robust support for real-time updates and serverless functions made Supabase a compelling choice over Firebase.

The Solution

Transitioning from Firebase to Supabase involved some manual work due to legacy code, but the process was relatively smooth and the Voypost finished the core migration in under six months. Supabase’s relational PostgreSQL database enabled Voypost to manage data more effectively and perform complex queries without the constraints of Firestore. Supabase’s serverless architecture enabled rapid deployment and scalability, while its open-source framework provided the freedom to customize and extend the platform as needed.


With Supabase, Voypost achieved significant improvements in data management and query flexibility. The shift to a relational database enabled them to scale the project more efficiently and manage data with greater flexibility.They were able to deliver enhanced user experiences and introduce new features quickly. The responsive support from Supabase contributed to a smoother development journey. Supabase’s open-source nature, coupled with its robust performance and ease of use, provided Voypost with the tools they needed to build a sophisticated, intelligent contract negotiation platform. This successful implementation highlights how Supabase can help businesses overcome data management challenges and achieve their development goals.

Reduced codebase
Voypost reduced their codebase by 25% after eliminating NoSQL workarounds.

Less headcount
Supabase made it possible for Voypost to develop the app with a small team as they did not need to think about the infrastructure.

Accelerated development
Voypost used Supabase’s dashboard to accelerate development and testing.

Faster iteration
Supabase provided the ability to quickly make changes and deploy new releases. Voypost responded quickly to client feedback and iterated quickly on client requests.

Faster time to value and lower cost
As a result of using the Supabase platform, Voypost enjoyed a 20% faster development process compared to their traditional development approach.

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