Frontend Zero to One

Frontend Zero to One is is a service which creates an app for your Supabase Postgres database on-the-fly without any drag and drop, using the OpenAPI spec provided by PostgREST.


In the Supabase control panel, open your project and click the Settings cog icon, and then "API". You will need:

  1. From the Project URL copy the project ID from https://your-project-id.supabase.co
  2. From the "Project API keys" section copy the "anon" "public" API Key into the

Paste both into the FEZTO Supabase setup page and click Launch. You can now share and bookmark the browser URL which includes the projectID and anon key with others to launch the same app.

Need some help?

Not to worry, our specialist engineers are here to help. Submit a support ticket through the Dashboard.