Supabase Marketplace

The Supabase Marketplace brings together all the tools you need to extend your Supabase project. This includes:

  • Experts - partners to help you build and support your Supabase project.
  • Integrations - extend your projects with external Auth, Caching, Hosting, and Low-code tools.

Build an integration

Supabase provides several integration points:

List your integration

Apply to the Partners program to list your integration in the Partners marketplace and in the Supabase docs.

Integrations are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Business viability While we welcome everyone to built an integration, we only list companies that are deemed to be long-term viable. This includes an official business registration and bank account, meaningful revenue, or Venture Capital backing. We require this criteria to ensure the health of the marketplace.
  • Compliance Integrations should not infringe on the Supabase brand/trademark. In short, you cannot use "Supabase" in the name. As the listing appears on the Supabase domain, we don't want to mislead developers into thinking that an integration is an official product.
  • Service Level Agreements All listings are required to have their own Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy, and the company must have resources to meet their SLAs.
  • Maintainability All integrations are required to be maintained and functional with Supabase, and the company may be assessed on your ability to remain functional over a long time horizon.