Edge Functions

Deploy JavaScript
globally in seconds

Easily author, deploy and monitor serverless functions distributed globally at the edge, close to your users.

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Fully managed

Edge Functions scale automatically, reducing your devops burden

Global deployments

Deploy worldwide for maximum resiliency and low latency

Secure and Scalable

Simply write your code in TypeScript and deploy

Node.js Support

Easily migrate existing workloads, with support for Node and more than 1 million NPM modules

What you can build with Edge Functions

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Delightful DX from local to production

Edge Functions are developed using Deno, an open source JavaScript runtime that ensures maximum power and flexibility. Migrate in and out at any time with no vendor lock-in.

First-class local dev experience

Write code with hot code reloading, a fast Language server for autocompletion, type checking and linting


Dev and Prod parity

The open source Edge runtime runs your functions locally during development and the same runtime powers functions in production


Use any NPM module

Tap into the 2+ million modules in the Deno and NPM ecosystem

Continuous Integration

Use the Supabase CLI with Github actions to preview and deploy your functions along with the rest of your application

Edge Functions run server-side logic geographically close to users, offering low latency and great performance.

Global presence

Edge functions run globally or can be pinned to your database's proximity

Automatic scaling

Seamlessly scale with usage without any manual tuning


Scale with confidence with SSL, Firewall and DDOS protection built in

Built-in observability

Integrates seamlessly with the Supabase ecosystem