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Next Monday is Launch Week 🎱, where we’ll be announcing a tonne of surprises. In the meantime, here’s a summary of everything we shipped in July. Read on!

Supabase Launch Week 8

Supabase Launch Week 8

Launch Week 8 starts next week. We’ll be announcing one new major feature every day for an entire week (with a few bonus surprises along the way). Get your ticket and tune in on Monday the 7th.

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New Android Kotlin Library

New Android Kotlin Library

Are you a mobile dev? We now have client libraries for Android. This is thanks to one of our community members - @TheRealJanGER. Try it out, and if you want to help us maintain the library let us know.



pgvector 0.4.0 performance

pgvector 0.4.0 performance

There's been a lot of talk about pgvector performance, so we pushed it to the limits to figure out its strengths and limitations. The good news is that work has already started on HNSW, and isn’t far away.

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Quick product announcements

  • [Auth] There is a new OAuth provider in time: Login with Figma. Docs
  • [Auth] You can now use Resend as a custom SMTP provider. Docs
  • [Postgres Tooling] pgsodium 3.1.8 released. PR
  • [Postgres Tooling] PostgREST 11.1 is now live. Blog post

Egghead course: Twitter Clone with the Next.js App Router

Egghead course: Twitter Clone with the Next.js App Router

Should we rebrand to X Clone? Next.js App router is ushering in the next era of web development. What a best way to learn to navigate it than by building a full-stack app?


Twitter Space: Launch Week 8 - Kickoff 🏈

Twitter Space

After Monday's announcement, we are kicking off LW8 with a very cool Twitter Space, featuring the DevRel team and guests. Bring your questions!

10:00 AM PT | 1:00 PM ET | 06:00 PM UK

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Made with Supabase

Made with Supabase: Snowchat

snowChat | An intuitive and user-friendly application that allows you to interact with your Snowflake data using natural language queries. Built by Kaarthik Andavar using Python, Streamlit, Open AI, and Supabase Vector.

Extended Community Highlights

Community Highlights

  • Build a Simple Dropbox clone using Deno, DenoKV, Fresh and Supabase. Video Tutorial
  • Safeguarding Data Integrity with pg_safeupdate in PostgreSQL and Supabase. Blog post
  • Supabase for C#: Streamlining Backend Development with Database Magic. Blog post
  • Building an MVP app using Supabase. Blog post
  • Fortify Your Application With Supabase: Exploring Fine-Grained Control with Row-Level Security and OAuth Sign-in. Article
  • Using Supabase authentication in NestJs. Tutorial
  • React Native file upload with Supabase Storage. Tutorial | Video
  • Safeguarding Data Integrity with pg_safeupdate in PostgreSQL and Supabase. Blog Post
  • Supabase almost SHUT ME DOWN. Video

Supabase in Times Square

Supabase in Times Square

The Redpoint team put together InfraRed 100, a report that recognizes 100 transformative companies in cloud infrastructure. We are honoured to be included with so many amazing companies we admire 🙇🏻‍♂️. They even featured us on a billboard in Times Square to celebrate.

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We’re Hiring

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If you made it this far in the email you deserve a devilish treat.

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