Holiday Hackdays Winners 2021


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To cool down from our latest launch week we (virtually) sat down with y'all and started hacking, and once again we absolutely loved your hackathon submissions and are excited to send some extremely limited swag your way!

As always, it was challenging to pick the winners from all the great submissions! You can see all the amazing projects submitted on And now, without further ado, let's look at some of our favourites in more detail:

Best Overall Project

Winner - by @zernonia

Zernonia is one of our SupaSquad members and continuously blows our minds with his creativity for the open-source projects he creates. For example, he's also the mastermind behind, one of our favourite resources to see what y'all are building.

Now he can add a gold tee to his collection, and we're starting to run out of swag ideas to show our appreciation! (Send us some ideas on Twitter!)

Runner Up

Chivel - by @lalitcodes and @ChapagainAshik

Chivel is a tool to quickly generate a landing page for your YouTube channel. For example check out this snazzy page that they've generated for the Supabase channel:!

A great idea that deserves some silver tees!


Best Realtime Project


rtPoll - by @emilioschepis & brother Federico.

Brothers Emilio and Federico built a platform to quickly create polls and share them around. Seeing poll results is great, but you know what's even better? Exactly, seeing poll results in realtime!


Runner Up

e2ee-chat - by @arnu5152

A chat app is a fairly obvious use case for realtime syncing, but this project caught our eye because the chat is end-to-end encrypted!


Best Christmas Themed


Santa Banter - by @AndyKeogh

Not only do we love a good rhyme, but we also love Christmas themed jokes, so Andy's Santa Banter checks all the boxes. Head over there now to submit your best jokes!

Santa Banter

Runner Up

Holiday Sweater - by @mtwichel

Ugly sweaters are an integral part of the Christmas Holidays. With Marcus' awesome Flutter app you can now vote on your favourite sweaters from around the globe!

Holiday Sweater

Most Visually Pleasing


the get list - by @glowdexapp

This visually stunning website allows you to create a wishlist to share with your friends so they don't need to wreck their brains for gift ideas. Here, have a look at what I want this Christmas:

the get list

Runner Up

card creator - by maggie-j-liu, Arash, @eiilla11, and @_pranavnt

This team of high school hackers just keeps knocking it out of the park again. In our Hacktoberfest Hackathon they already made it onto the podium. This time around they built this stunning greeting card platform that lets you send well wishes to your friends around the globe in no time. We love it!

card creator

The Prizes

As is now tradition with Supabase Hackathons, the winners will receive an extremely limited edition gold medal shirt.

Gold Tshirt

And the runner uppers will receive the same shirt but in silver. These shirts are limited to winners of the hackathon and will never be produced again. Keep them safe like your favourite NFTs!

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